Care & Support Planning

To ensure that every client receives the appropriate level of care, a full care / support needs assessment is carried out within their own home setting, by a member of our Quality Assurance Team. During the visit, our assessor will look at the client’s health and care needs, moving and handling needs and will carry out a full risk assessment. We also spend time talking to the client and their family to gauge their views, thoughts and preferences about the care required, to ensure that a personalised care / support plan is put into place.

Following the assessment, we will produce a written care plan setting any objectives, health needs and any outcomes the client has. The care plan will clearly detail the type of care that is to be provided, by whom and when.

Throughout the entire period where care is being given, we will continue to monitor our service via a review process. During the review, our assessor will check to see if any revisions need to be made to the clients personal care plan, if their needs have changed and checking that are high standards are being maintained.

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